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Palau: Jellyfish Lake!

So yep, I took a way too many pictures of the Jellyfish Lake, in Rock Islands, Palau.  Even after deleting about half of the pictures I took, I was still left with a ton (this is the theme for this trip, no?). 

I think the Jellyfish Lake is the most famous sight of Palau.  The jellyfish over the years, isolated on this lake, evolved to the point that they have no stingers, so you can swim with them without any concern.

It was a lot of fun, and I could have stayed there for hours.  They’re mesmerizing to watch (and yes, I have videos, still haven’t worked on those yet!), and it’s all so peaceful.  They’re very very very fragile, so you have to swim slowly around them. 

The pictures of the individual jellyfish came out amazing, if I may say so myself.  The sunlight shining into the lake takes all the credit.



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We made it!

Just a little preview…






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