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R&R Trip

So remember how way back at the end of July we went on our first R&R trip, taking a total of 9 flights in two weeks, before arriving back in Manila?  And how I never blogged about it, except for a very brief post where the wordpress app didn’t even post my pictures in a proper size?

So after dealing with flight cancelations (AFTER boarding the plane and hanging out for almost 2 hours on the tarmac) and an unexpected overnight stay in Detroit, we finally made our way to Charleston…

I got reunited with my engagement ring, the diamond had become loose, and we got it fixed, but it was waiting for me in Charleston (it had been over a year since I last worn it!).


We got to hang out with the cutest kids…



And go to the beach – we missed the beach!


DC was next on our itinerary, where somehow we rented one of the world’s smallest cars (that was surprisingly very fun to drive), and play tetris in order to fit all our luggage in… (And no, we didn’t get it on the first try).


We got to drive through GW Parkway on a beautiful day…


And say hello to DC traffic – but no jeepneys, so yay!


We chilled at my sister’s…


Sat in Obama’s chair…


Met my running group for a BBQ (where I failed to get a picture!), and admired some of the DC views I miss so much during my runs. (Gosh, I miss running outside…)


I caught up with my very-pregnant friend that still looked smaller than me at 9 months…


And gave my big grown-up nephew some hugs!


And met a bunch of my friends for drinks and dinner, and it was great catching up, even if I did have to stick with water.

You have no idea how much I miss running with these folks!


And chatting with one of my best friends, Nanubia!


Seattle was the next (and last!) stop in our itinerary, and we spent a gorgeous day on a boat, which also coincided to be my first day of pregnancy sickness and put a bummer in my time in Seattle.  But before I started feeling like death, I did take some good pictures!


Can you see the mountains?  Beautiful!




There was a lot of cuddling done with this dog while I dealt with nausea…


I still feel like I need a redo in Seattle.  I ended up spending most of the time in bed watching TV, which was a waste of a vacation.  But there was lots of nausea, headache (and some projectile vomiting) during that time, so at least I count myself lucky that it was only during the last bit of the trip – not during the whole thing!


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Hello from Charleston!

After we spent almost 24 hours in Detroit because our flight got canceled (AFTER spending 1.5 hours inside the plane on the Tarmac, going back to the gate for a AC problem, having it fixed then Delta canceling the flight due to “weather” when the weather had just cleared and the pilot had announced that ground control has cleared us for take off, grrrr), we finally made it to Charleston, losing a whole day of our vacation.

Since arriving here we have done a bit of this…



Hung out with this cute kid and his brother…


Spent lots of time at Target and eaten loads of these…


Let’s hope for no more travel delays (because taking 45 hours to complete the first leg of our trip was enough torture).

(And if things look a bit funny, blame it on the wordpress app!)

More from DC! We leave lovely Charleston in 24 hours!

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