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3 Mile Run!

So I only got a couple of workouts in since leaving DC, because turns out taking care of this chick full time takes a lot of time…  (She’s lucky she’s cute, huh?)


Who knew having a baby was so time consuming?  (Wait, what, everybody?!) 

So needless to say, I’m now in Rio, the land of beach and sun and sculpted beach butts, and here I am, in worse shape than I was in the middle of DC winter.  Gah!

Ellie started daycare for two afternoons a week, so I started running from home to her day care (a half mile), dropping her off, then heading here for a few hours…


(Have I mentioned that Ipanema Beach is a mile walk from our place?) 

Then after playing in waves and snoozing under the sun, I pick her up and run home with the stroller again.

It wasn’t easy at first, the 97 degrees and hot sun we have been dealing with makes anything harder, specially running after so many months off, but now I can push that stroller for half a mile without a break (seriously, I couldn’t at first – blame it on the heat instead of my ever-expanding ass, will ya’?).  So far, the hip hasn’t given any signs of injury, so I’ve been cautiously optimistic about it.

Yesterday Karl was finally able to pick her up on his way home from work, so I didn’t have to kill time at the beach (life can be rough), because as much as running there with her is fine, carrying all my beach crap and running to the beach is a big pain in the butt, so I usually give up after one block of sunscreen and towels bouncing around and do a leisurely stroll instead.  But with the weather looking like this yesterday…


…I skipped the beach, and went for a run instead.  I wish I could tell you that I did 5 miles around the lagoon and it was glorious, but I’m so paranoid of reinjuring myself, that I decided that 3 miles total was plenty (and seriously, it was, it’s been a long break).  I was expecting a lot of walking in those 3 miles, but turns out when the weather goes from a hot as hell 97 degrees with a blazing sun, to a pleasant and cloudy 80 degrees, running gets much easier, specially when the stroller is dropped off at day care and I am suddenly much lighter too.

I didn’t get any faster – my pace is still averaging 11-12 min/mile depending on the headwind – but not only I ran most of the 3 miles, I was able to run 2 miles non-stop (the parts I did have to stop before I got the last 2 miles in was when I had the stroller, since there are streets to be crossed).  I was actually *smiling* during the run, because it was glorious.  Sure, the amazing view helped, the cooler weather too, but it really did feel great.  I haven’t felt that during a run in a long long long time.

I wore my running skirt for the first time in about 2 years, and though I’m far from being able to pull it off (refer to the ever-expanding ass mentioned above), reminding myself that I finished a marathon wearing that same skirt, certainly helped make those miles easy.


I had such baby brain, that I actually thought I had run MCM with that, but turns out it was Chicago, as I wore the pink version for MCM:


(Not that anyone cares, but I had MCM in my mind during the run, maybe if I knew it was Chicago I wouldn’t have been as inspired, who the heck knows.)

Today I feel the hip, but it’s not something that can be considered painful just yet.  I got a recommendation for a orthopedist, and if it does hurt, I’ll have to finally get it checked, because a 3-month running break should have fixed whatever it was, and if it didn’t it’s definitely bad news, so fingers crossed…

Tomorrow the plan is to get another run in, we’ll see how that goes.  It’s meant to be a high of 88, which I’m sure will kick my butt if the sun is still out.


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I’m Still Here!

Smack into marathon training as soon as I stepped foot back in DC.  Taking it easy, of course, since I don’t want to get injured, so lots of walking with running for now, until I get my running legs back. 

My troublesome feet?  Have definitely been complaining…  Hoping to snag an appointment with a podiatrist this week and find out why have they been giving me trouble for the last two years.  We will see what happens.

It’s been nice to be back on my beloved trails and see these views once again…


I’ll be back soon to share more about what we’ve been doing since we left Manila, and to hopefully catch up with all the trips that are left to blog about…  Turns out life with a baby?  Much harder to get two free hands than I expected, but I miss writing, and I miss this space.


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Running Rut & Other Ramblings

I don’t know how dare I post about the running rut I’ve had these last couple of weeks, when since arriving in Manila, it seems like I’ve been dealing with a constant rut.  Sure, I’ve run here and there, but it has been neither consistent nor particularly far.  Only short runs here and there…  Do they even make a difference?

I told Karl that I was really proud of us for going to Guam and really taking advantage of the amazing gym at the Hilton.  He laughed out loud:  we never saw the inside of the gym, nor did our workout clothes ever leave our suitcases…

This week, I’ve gone to two muay thai classes, planning on my third one on Friday, so I’m not a complete bum either, but I haven’t run once (unless you count the 10 minute warm up at the treadmill prior to class – I don’t count it as running when it’s part of something else and less than a mile).

I’m still desperate for a routine.  But with all the traveling we’ve been doing, it’s really hard to fall into one.  Next week, we’re traveling again, the following weekend my parents arrive, the week after that we’re gone for almost 2 weeks…  I’m not complaining about the traveling (hello?  It’s awesome!), but damn, it’s hard to get back into shape.  I haven’t lost weight, and I’m afraid I’ve been gaining some.  It won’t make running any easier either!  Or fitting into the clothes in my closet.  Or feeling good about myself.

How does one even get off a rut that has lasted that long?  Ugh.

I’m also super-home sick this weekend.  For Brazil and my family thanks to Christmas.  After everyone canceled on us for our Christmas Eve celebration, it’ll be just me and Karl – which will be very hard, since that’s the time all my family gets together, and I’ve hosted Christmas Eve in Arlington for the last few years as well, so I always had a crowd around.  At first we were going to have about a dozen people here.  And little by little everyone canceled.  Some people didn’t even reply to our invitation.  (We did get invited to go munch on Christmas cookies that afternoon, and for Christmas lunch at a friends house, but actual Christmas Eve dinner is the tradition in my family, and that will still be lonely, even if Karl is there.)

And I’m also home-sick for DC.  Maybe it was seeing Margaret in Guam, or being in US territory for a bit, but I miss my friends, I miss my old life (but I admit:  I still don’t miss my job one bit, though I do miss the IMF).  I miss biking.  I miss the running trails and training for long distance races.  I miss the stores.  I miss eating good beef.  I really miss driving.  (And by driving I don’t mean what we do here in Manila, bumper to bumper traffic while avoiding jeepneys and pedestrians, but actually being able to press on the gas and not worry about the brakes for a minute or two, you know?)  But heck I DO NOT miss winter, so I better keep things in perspective, no?

So yeah, this week?  Not the best.  Hence the lack of posts – who wants to read me whining?  The only thing worse than whining on a blog post is reading one where the writer is whining.  So things might be quiet this week around here. 

Here’s hoping my mood improves!  And hoping everyone else is having a great week!  (In this case, misery does not love company!)


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I ventured outdoors!

Remember when ALL my runs were outdoors?  A year would pass by in between treadmill runs!  Even the snow didn’t stop me from going outside or the massive heat in DC.

Nowadays, I can go outside, battle traffic, crowded sidewalks and stoplights, or I can hop on the treadmill the next room over.  Well, if you’ve been following along, you know the treadmill has been winning.

Though I still prefer running outside any day over the treadmill, I love running with company, and alone the treadmill is just more convenient (I miss those DC trails.  Am I getting too repetitive?  I bet I am).

So when recently-moved-just-had-a-baby-but-is-still-in-super-shape Jenny asked if I wanted to run with her, of COURSE I said yes!

And after waking up super early in the morning, instantly hating her for putting me through that, we made our way around Makati.

I was struggling (my last run outside had been with Mai Mai, a month and a half ago), but Jenny was super patient with my slow ass.  Garmin still wasn’t accurate, even at the Ayala park where it’s clear of buildings, but it looks like we were able to get 3 (slow) miles in.

I hate holding people back, but I know is just a matter of time (even if it might be a long time) until I can do short runs at a 10 min/mile pace again.  But if I don’t keep on running, I’ll never get there, right?

So far I had Mai Mai being super patient with my slowness (but I think she has given up on me, since our last run was my last outdoor run) and Jenny.  Anyone else wants to slowly jog around the streets of Makati?


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