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Red Monster

I kept up my word, and yesterday at 5pm, I met up with Mai Mai for our first run together!

The good?  Mai Mai is SUPER nice, we totally hit it off, and even started talking about training for a half marathon together (and to think I ran two earlier this year, and needed no training…  *sigh*).

The bad?  My endurance SUCKED.  Not only were we going super slow (totally my fault as I kept needing to slow down), but at some point I even needed to walk.  And this for less than 3 miles…  (I think we finished it at around 2.5 miles or so?  Not sure as I forgot to reset my Garmin.) 

But I had to keep reminding what I wrote just last week, that no matter how slow, right?  Plus, the heat and humidity combined with the double dose of benadryl (I waited until bedtime to take the other stronger meds) really knocked me out (I took a long nap before heading out).   Excuses, excuses, I know…

I finished the run and immediately got light headed.  Damn you benadryl!  Or was it lack of water?  Just in case, I popped a couple of endurolytes pills when I got home, drank plenty of water, and I’ll be careful until these hives settle and I’m done taking meds.

I knew something wasn’t right, but when I got home and looked at myself in the mirror it was confirmed…  Now, I always get red after a workout (blame it on my German heritage?), but I usually don’t get this red.  Because this?  Looks like a bad sunburn.



Thankfully, this didn’t scare off Mai Mai, and we’re still planning on future runs together! 


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Now THAT’S commitment

It’s no secret that lately any excuse not to run, I’m taking.

But today?  I made running plans with a new running buddy and I’m sticking to it.  Even though I have the perfect excuse:  the doctor told me not to.

No worries, nothing serious (I’m not that stupid), but yesterday I broke out in hives, today it got worse, so I went to our local medical unit. 

Funnily enough, almost exactly a year ago, I also broke out in hives on the morning of the VA Beach RnR Half Marathon, and it got so bad that by the time we got back to DC, we had to go straight to the urgent care, where I got a steroid shot and had to take prednisone for a week straight (and it made me bloat up like crazy and I couldn’t sleep for days).  It was horrible enough that I had to call in sick that Tuesday because my face was the only part not covered – even my palms were affected!  At that time, I followed up with an allergist who did the allergy test and it all came out clear – I continue to not be allergic to anything (yay!).

But anyway, so Sunday I broke out in hives.  AGAIN.  This is the 3rd time in five years that this happened, this time it also has no causes for it.  To avoid letting it get bad enough that I have to resort to steroids, this morning I promptly got checked out by a doctor.

And she said?  NO RUNNING.  Sweat makes the hives worse.  I also got prescribed medicine that will make me drowsy (well, medicine always makes me drowsy!).  It makes sense why last time it got so bad:  I ran 13.1 miles under 90+ degree weather under the sun (and even got a PR while at it). 

But how can I cancel on my run tonight after months of finding excuses not to run?  It’s not life threatening, and though I’m itching like crazy, but it’s not the end of the world.  I don’t want to keep making excuses, even if this time I have a medical reason for it.  But it’s not a serious medical reason, you know?  Aside from the itching, I’m feeling ok.

And the will-make-me-drowsy medicine?  Well, I’ll take it after the run.

If you see a blonde running like a monkey on the streets of Makati today?  That’ll be me.  I know I’ll have to multi-task:  running while scratching.

But heck I’m making it to that run!


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3 GLORIOUS miles!

No, really.

So the treadmill is growing on me (I know, who IS this person?), but to get rid of some stress and clear my head, there’s nothing like an outdoor run.

I had to go to the diving shop to look at wetsuits (I was unsuccessful in my search), so figured if I’m going to go, might as well run there.  And run I did.  It was 86 degrees, sunny and muggy.  But it was one of those runs that the more I ran, the better I felt.  You know how sometimes you have runs where everything just *clicks*?  Today, it clicked.

Maybe because my mom’s box finally arrived and I was fueled by this…


Hmmmm…  Strong Brazilian coffee…


Or maybe it was all the head-clearing “make me sane and loving life again” sweat. 

But it wasn’t even a very scenic run, except when I passed by a couple of parks…


And don’t let the shade fool you, I was actually in the sun most of the time.  (Oh, see the sign behind me?  Another park that doesn’t allow pets.  SUCH A STUPID MANILA RULE!!!  Enforce people to clean up after their pets, instead of enforcing for pets to stay away, and you solve the problem!)


But, I digress…   The run was tough, my heart rate was high, but at no point did I think “I can’t do this” or “I need to walk.”  Heck, my Garmin didn’t even pick up a signal for the first mile of the run, and I didn’t let that get me down. 

By the end of the run, the sun had disappeared and the air was gloomy…  I even extended my run to make sure I got 3 miles in (turns out once I mapped it at home that it worked out perfectly, as I finished just short of a 5k).


And I was a sweaty drippy red mess…


But this was by far the best run I’ve had since landing in Manila.  It made me believe that I can run outside again.  Maybe all that treadmill work is helping out!

I got home, drank a banana protein powder + fresh papaya + chia seeds smoothie (crap, I may even have chia seeds stuck on my teeth in the picture below…) and got my dreams of laying by the pool shattered by a storm outside.


But even a storm in Manila sometimes brings out the rainbows!  So by the time we were ready to start our scuba diving class, we were faced with this:


It was the first day we actually did stuff in our diving class and spent 4 hours on a pool.  I can’t wait to get to the FUN part of diving…


Karl did look like a super hero, however, so it was all worth it at the end 🙂


This weekend?  Off to Batangas for our first dive.  The weather better hold up!  It will also be our first car trip outside of Manila.  Let’s hope we don’t get lost!


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