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Exploring Kota Kinabalu!

The resort was awesome, but we had to try some of the local fare, right?  Downtown Kota Kinabalu was really small, but with a few markets selling yummy Malaysian food and a ton of little outdoor bars and restaurants!


I was still sick, and Karl didn’t feel like seafood, but just look at the size of these prawns!!  Compare them to the shrimp for true scale!


I didn’t like seeing a ray for sale though…


The lobster was also ginormous!  This was NOT a mini scale!


I do agree with that slogan…


On Monday, we spent our day at the beach and pool, checked out of the hotel, then hopped on a cab downtown to see the city during the daytime.


Ew, dried sea cucumber!


So many mangoes!


All sorts of dried fish and seafood.


Kota Kinabalu was a lot of fun!  Such a nice relaxing trip, definitely what we needed for a change!

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Right now…

We arrived to a gloomy night on Friday, while I was still battling a fever, we had an amazing day Saturday, yesterday it rained all day long (not just rain, it looked like monsoon!), but this morning we’re enjoying this…


In an hour and a half we’ll pack up our beach things, shower, check out and head to the airport and back to Manila… More pictures to come, now back to enjoying our last few hours in Kota Kinabalu…

(posting this w WordPress for the iPhone, fingers crossed there are no glitches…)

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