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It feels like ages ago that we went to Shanghai, probably because it really was.  Who knew it would take me this long to share the pictures?  (Can I keep blaming this procrastination on pregnancy?)

I loved the city, it was great to be in a big city with lots of green space and parks (something we miss the most here in Manila). 

We stayed at the Pudi Boutique Hotel, and I highly recommend it!  It was amazingly comfortable and convenient to a lot of restaurants.


We pretty much walked everywhere from our hotel, Shanghai wasn’t nearly as crowded as I was expecting.  And seeing trees everywhere was quite the novelty after living so long in Manila.



Believe it or not, despite being pregnant and dying to pee, it’s amazing your body’s capacity to hold *just a little longer* so you can avoid a smelly squat toilet (I’m leaving Asia in a little over 3 months, and have been successful in avoiding them completely!  It helps that they’re not the norm here in the Philippines).









It was a short trip, but we had a great time!  I definitely hope to be able to visit again someday!

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Off to Shanghai!

For real, I got back from Singapore on Wednesday afternoon, haven’t even had time to share pictures from that trip yet (or from our trip to the US, I’m super far behind), then tonight we fly out to Shanghai, for another 48-hour adventure in a foreign city.

The good news?  As of early this week, nausea seems to be gone – I even went to the gym yesterday, and though it wasn’t pretty, it was doable.  I didn’t want to push myself, so I just did one set of each exercise, instead of my usual 3 to 4 sets, but hopefully that means I’m not getting super sore.

I felt great afterwards, and if it wasn’t for the huge pinky toe blister I brought back as a souvenir from Singapore, I would have tackled the treadmill too, but I decided that I rather have functioning feet for sightseeing in Shanghai after all.

But then, an hour later I collapsed in bed and took a long nap because I was just so TIRED.  I’m officially in my second trimester now (yay!), and I heard the fatigue should start to improve.  Here’s waiting…  But yeah, I bet all the traveling is not helping.

After we get back from Shanghai, it’ll be another 20+ days until I go frolicking to another country, so I’ll have plenty of time to *finally* finish the update here on my trip to Chiang Mai (there are elephant pictures waiting to be shared!), post some pics from the US (though I didn’t take many, because I suck), and of course, a few shots from Singapore (which I loved loved loved more than last time, probably because it’s off season and not new year’s so it just wasn’t as crowded so I was super relaxed?  And the hotel’s breakfast included amazing cheese?).

But of course, I can’t leave you without a teaser, some iphone shots of me, Emi (my awesome travel mate!) and of course, baby Trunk.




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A weekend in Shanghai? Sign me up!

Karl has been to Shanghai back on his army days (he was posted in Seoul for 4 years and explored a lot of Asia back then), and it’s always been one of his favorite big cities.  I’ve been wanting to add more countries to my list, and though I’ve been to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, I have yet to set foot on mainland China (I do count territories as separate countries, because they’re so different from one another). 

Well, that’s about to change – we just took advantage of another flight promo, and for less than $220, we are both going to Shanghai!  (Yep, that is total round trip for 2 people – not per person – I’ll miss the travel deals here…)

Next week, we jet off to Brunei, then Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia a couple of weeks later, and July and August are reserved for our trip to the US (only for 2 weeks, but we’ll be going from the east to west coast, we’ll be beat).  Unless I find another great deal, labor day should be our next visit overseas, and I can finally officially check China off my list (though if possible, a stop in Beijing before leaving Asia would be nice, we’ll see).


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