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Palau: SHARKS!

Don’t get me wrong, if I was frolicking on the beach and I spotted a shark, I would probably have more fear than excitement, and would likely swim away towards dry land, instead of swimming closer for a nicer shot, or hooking myself to a coral reef to be able to get a better look at them. 

But diving?  It’s a whole different world, and seeing sharks (specially non-aggressive ones like the ones in these waters) makes it for good and exciting diving.  And in Palau we saw them in pretty much every dive!

So it’s no wonder that I got pictures, lots and lots of pictures!  (And for the record, Blue Corner and Ulong Channel were the best spots to see them while we were in Palau, Ulong being our favorite dive.)


How many sharks can you count?

P1030337P1030344 (2)P1030347

Yep, that’s Karl!



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Sharks and Turtles

In almost every dive in Palau…




And don’t forget the occasional Manta rays…


And the surprise appearance of dolphins during our boat ride in between dives…


Loads more to come when we get back to Manila! (It’s a pain to blog from the tablet, and the internet connection here is iffy — and expensive!)


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