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And I shopped… Uh, I needed souvenirs, right?

So you would think that after being in Asia for a while, I’d be immune to markets and the cheap but amazing stuff they offer.

Yeah, not so much.  After 2 weeks traveling around, Greenhills and Divisoria didn’t even look that exciting to me anymore.

I packed my clothes in my carry-on backpack, and brought an empty carry-on luggage that I checked.  I came back with both full (keep in mind that I have MAJOR packing skills, and all this stuff fit in the bags with room to spare!).

Here are some of the stuff I bought (though I may have forgotten a few…)

You will notice a theme…

Everything on the picture below was bought in Thailand.  Can you tell I like wood carved stuff?  And maybe I just have a slight thing for elephants?


Bottom right bought in Siem Reap, the rest all bought in Thailand.  The top left is actually a little purse (big enough for my wallet + phone).  Too cute to the point of ridiculous.  (But do you think I care about looking ridiculous?)


Can I say I LOVE the oil painting on top that I got in Cambodia?  (Yes, I already framed it AND put it up on my wall!)  The plate on the bottom left is from Vietnam, the wooden lion/dragon from Thailand and the box with coasters from Cambodia.


Yep, the same artist that painted the fisherman picture above, painted the one below.  Couldn’t resist – and it’s also already up on the wall!  The vase and the wooden owl was bought in Thailand, the jewelry box in Vietnam, and the small oil painting in Cambodia.


A lot of things were closed in Vietnam, but I still managed to get the wooden doll, the plate below (a gift from my mom as she bought a few) and the iPho         t-shirt (I thought it was funny!).  The silk elephant table cover I bought in Thailand.


The dresses below?  Super cheap in Bangkok (I do have to lose a tad of weight as the blue dresses are a bit too short on the back to be decent – my barangandan is just too big now…).  The red bag, the Bangkok shirt (duh!) and the turquoise necklace (that I LOVE) are also from Thailand.  The super-soft grey bag I got in Cambodia.


Not shown:  about four new pairs of silver earrings (including one with elephants – I couldn’t help myself) and a silver bracelet.  And a few other things I bet I’m forgetting.

Oh, and did I mention I regretted not buying a couple of things?  I need to go back to Bangkok STAT!  (And before you think I’m just rich and full of money, remember things here cost a fraction of what they cost in the US.  My mom asked me to stop posting prices and ruin the gifts that she bought, so I won’t say a word.  But things were cheap!)


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Siem Reap Trip: The Details

I’ll be posting details of every place we went to, but figured since I already gave a little update from Siem Reap, Cambodia, while we were still traveling might as well put the recap and the trip details here along with more pictures (which I’ll sprinkle throughout this post).

No flight costs on these reviews, since we had booked everything together: Manila> Bangkok> Chiang Mai> Siem Reap> Ho Chi Minh> Manila


Money:  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR DOLLARS TO THE LOCAL CURRENCY!  Everything there was dealt in dollars:  the tuk-tuk rides, markets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc, so if you’re off to Siem Reap, make sure to bring dollars!  Places also barely accept credit cards, so bring enough cash with you.

Siem Reap, is still a fairly small town, and though it’s full (FULL!) of expats, it’s super-cheap.



The only time we ever touched the Cambodian Riel was when getting change – there were no US coins, so anytime change was less than a dollar we would get a bunch of Riels (which we kept a few, because they’re pretty, and sadly not worth more than a few cents).


Hotel:  I used agoda.com again to book our rooms.  We stayed at the Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel, after reading a ton of positive reviews.  For about $30 a night, with AC, hot shower, pool, free breakfast and wifi, it was a great deal.  The hotel was no luxury, but it was nice enough for us, and the location was unbeatable:  we were only a 5-10 minute walk to the markets and pub street (where most of the restaurants are), but in a quiet enough location that we could actually get some sleep (and we were also right next to a little supermarket, which was super-convenient!).  They also offered a free airport pick up by     tuk-tuk (you just have to email them your flight details).


I didn’t take any pictures of the hotel room (I seem to mess them up before I think of taking pictures!) but I did take pictures of the hotel pool area, which was VERY nice:



Getting Around:  I really really really recommend that you stay on or near the end of Sivatha Rd, making sure you’re walking distance to the Old Market area.  If you’re there, you can pretty much walk anywhere you need to go (except to see the temples, but regardless of where you stay, you won’t be walking distance to them, so it’s best to make your location convenient to everything else).


There are a TON of brand new swanky hotels along Airport Road, but those are NOT walking distance to anything and you will need to negotiate with tuk-tuks every time you step out of your hotel, which can get tiring.


As for getting to the ruins, we got a tour guide to show us around, and I recommend getting one too.  For $70 flat we got a van with AC and a tour guide.  It is definitely a lot cheaper taking a tuk-tuk, but on super hot days (a.k.a. everyday) it will feel really nice getting a short break from the heat, because it was brutal (I’m Brazilian and live in Manila, so you can trust me when I say the heat was brutal – when I’m not running, it takes a lot of heat to bother me).


Food:  You can eat dinner for $3/person, or if you want something fancy, you’ll drop about $6/person.  It was definitely the cheapest place we visited.  There are many restaurants in and around pub street, and we had really great food every day.  You can even find Mexican food, if Khmer food is not your thing.  Here it was also easier finding food that was not spicy, unlike Thailand when even the non-spicy stuff is spicy.


Keep in mind also that in the middle of the open-air night markets, there would be outdoor restaurants and bars.  Some of them had great atmosphere (definitely not what you expect in the middle of a market!), so explore a little bit before committing to a place to eat.


Shopping:  Markets galore!  There were a bunch of different night markets, day markets and the whatnot.  A lot of things were very similar to what we saw in Thailand, but there was still a few things that were new to us.  I got a couple of paintings and t-shirts to bring back home.  Like every other market in Asia, make sure to bargain.  Just keep in mind Cambodian people are nice.  Soooooo nice.   So it makes it harder to bargain with them!


Sightseeing:  I’m mentioning this last, but we all know you (or I!) didn’t go to Siem Reap to go shopping!  Of course, if you’re in Siem Reap, you’re here to visit Angkor Wat.   There are a ton of places to go to, which can get overwhelming, but definitely see Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm.


It’s another reason why a tour guide can be useful – not only is he telling you the background story of all the temples, but he’s also finding the best route to get you there, and what is worth seeing, what is worth skipping based on the time that you have (and no, he won’t make you skip any of the four major ones I mentioned above).

When figuring out your budget for Siem Reap, make sure to budget money for the entrance fees as well.  The day passes are not cheap, we spent about $20 per person (if I remember it correctly), and they will ask for your pass before going in to each of these sights, so don’t think you can skip in paying (not that you should, as the money obviously goes towards conservation of the temples and the grounds).  You can also buy multiple-day or weekly passes if you don’t want to see everything in one day.


Honestly, you can get everything done in one day, which is what we did.  It is tiring as hell, and towards the end you just don’t want to climb another set of stairs… but I’m glad we knocked it all in one day and had the next day to explore the town of Siem Reap, and relax a bit more.


If you look at the pictures, you’ll see sometimes my shoulders are covered, others they’re bare.  It was hot as _____ (fill it in with whatever your favorite expletive is), but you do need to cover your shoulders for some of the temples.  I brought a shrug which worked perfectly for that.


When you go sightseeing, make sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.  I forgot the sunglasses at the hotel because it was cloudy when we left (but not so much an hour later), but don’t make the same mistake I did.

Ah, and don’t forget that for $15 you can also get a 20 minute ride on an elephant.  We didn’t take that, since we were still spoiled after spending a day with them.



Siem Reap is definitely a “must go” place in Southeast Asia.  It’s completely different than anything you’ve seen.

And the ride back to the airport should cost you only $5 per tuk-tuk.



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Hello from Siem Reap!

After a delayed flight, we made it here last night, and at 8am this morning we were already out exploring the ruins of the temples of Siem Reap!  I’ll post more pictures later (I really need to go over all the 1,000+ pictures I’ve taken on this trip), but here’s a little preview!








And yes, seeing those elephants makes me want to spend another full day with them.  And we didn’t ride them, because after riding them bareback, sitting on those seats just doesn’t look as much fun (plus they seemed a lot more weathered than the ones we hung out with – I felt bad for them).

And how cute were those monkeys??

Tomorrow is our first day in a week with no plans – aside from shopping!  Lots of markets to explore here, but a too many things are similar to what we saw in Thailand, and since it’s all in dollars (good thing we didn’t exchange money for the local currency!), it’s a bit inflated.  I can get used to the prices of food here though!  An “expensive” restaurant has entrees for $5-$7.

On Sunday we’re off to Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon) in Vietnam, before heading back to Manila on Tuesday.  I miss my fur-babies!


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And we’re off!

If all goes according to plan, at this time tomorrow we will be in Bangkok, starting our 2-week long trip!  Bangkok until Monday, then Chiang Mai (OMG the elephants, and yes, I won’t stop talking about it because how can I?), Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh!  Add 3 more countries to the list – woot!

I have a feeling internet connection will be iffy, so it might be quiet around these parts, but I promise I’ll share some pictures when I can, and needless to say I’ll share a crapload of pictures when we get back!


My mom is feeling uneasy about the whole riding elephants thing, but hopefully it will all go well!  (And yes, my parents arrived in Manila ok, and I’ve been busy showing them around for the last few days!)


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