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Right after getting back from our R&R trip, I was medevaced to Singapore for my NT scan at 12 weeks.  Since Karl was on a work trip with the embassy, my friend Emi tagged along as it was her first time in Singapore!

My first time there was at NYE last year (and I got some fabulous pictures), but it was a lot of fun to be back, specially in a much quieter time of the year.  We dealt with lots of rain and bad weather (and poor Emi was a trooper dealing with my need to nap once a day), but we still got to walk around and see a lot.


Carrot cake was one of my favorite meals.  And no, it’s not made of carrots or cake, so no idea why it gets the name, but it’s delicious!


And even though it wasn’t my first time there, I still find it so relaxing walking along Marina Bay…

P1060483P1060484P1060488P1060489P1060497P1060502P1060507P1060517P1060518P1060526IMG_2279The Merlion was going through renovation, so we had to settle with the mini one…


We also did a ton of walking during the day…  Visiting Chinatown, then walking from there back to Marina Bay!


Even with the gloomy weather we decided to see the view from the Singapore Flyer (I had been there before with Karl, but we had gone at night).


And our last dinner was at a HUGE Hawker Center with a ton of amazing delicious food (more carrot cake for me!).


And can you believe this is where you wait around at the Singapore Airport until your gate opens?  Ah, if only NAIA was like that…



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Off to Shanghai!

For real, I got back from Singapore on Wednesday afternoon, haven’t even had time to share pictures from that trip yet (or from our trip to the US, I’m super far behind), then tonight we fly out to Shanghai, for another 48-hour adventure in a foreign city.

The good news?  As of early this week, nausea seems to be gone – I even went to the gym yesterday, and though it wasn’t pretty, it was doable.  I didn’t want to push myself, so I just did one set of each exercise, instead of my usual 3 to 4 sets, but hopefully that means I’m not getting super sore.

I felt great afterwards, and if it wasn’t for the huge pinky toe blister I brought back as a souvenir from Singapore, I would have tackled the treadmill too, but I decided that I rather have functioning feet for sightseeing in Shanghai after all.

But then, an hour later I collapsed in bed and took a long nap because I was just so TIRED.  I’m officially in my second trimester now (yay!), and I heard the fatigue should start to improve.  Here’s waiting…  But yeah, I bet all the traveling is not helping.

After we get back from Shanghai, it’ll be another 20+ days until I go frolicking to another country, so I’ll have plenty of time to *finally* finish the update here on my trip to Chiang Mai (there are elephant pictures waiting to be shared!), post some pics from the US (though I didn’t take many, because I suck), and of course, a few shots from Singapore (which I loved loved loved more than last time, probably because it’s off season and not new year’s so it just wasn’t as crowded so I was super relaxed?  And the hotel’s breakfast included amazing cheese?).

But of course, I can’t leave you without a teaser, some iphone shots of me, Emi (my awesome travel mate!) and of course, baby Trunk.




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Off to Singapore!

So this week I started to slooowly feel better, so much so, I decided today I’d be going back to the gym.

Last night I couldn’t sleep, threw up at 3am, finally fell asleep well after 4am, was up by 6.  Needless to say, nausea hit me badly today, because pregnancy aside, lack of sleep sucks.

So I took a long nap early afternoon, and though I’ve been up for 2 hours wearing my workout clothes, I haven’t yet made it to the gym.  I don’t feel great, afraid to push it, afraid I waited too long and the tiny gym will be crowded (if there is one other person doing weights there, we’re literally on top of each other), and let’s face it, I haven’t been in a month at this point and not sure I’m ready to face how out of shape I got.  So if I get good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow, I’m hoping to tackle the weights then.  There’s still time to use my home treadmill today, right?

So you’re wondering what does this all have to do with Singapore?  Well, it doesn’t!  But as Singapore is the “code” for medevac folks in the foreign service stationed in Asia (if someone gets medevac’d to Singapore you can usually assume “pregnant”), it is now my turn to go back.

We were there for New Year’s Eve and took amazing pictures like these…

So even though there will be no fireworks this time, it’s exciting to be back!  Sadly, Karl is on a work trip so he can’t join me, but a friend from Manila is tagging along as she hasn’t been to yet, and why not take advantage of the free hotel?

So Sunday butt early I fly out to the land of no gum, Monday I get my ultrasounds hopefully showing things are ok with the baby (please please please let it all be ok!), then have an extra day to bum around and sightsee. 

I’m dying to eat at Din Tai Fung, one of my favorite places, but totally concerned that my food aversions will kick in (it’s been kind of ridiculous lately), but fingers crossed that my body won’t dare reject the amazing pork soup dumplings at DTF!

I know I keep promising to blog more, but with nausea, not doing anything interesting, lack of workouts, what else is there to say?  But I hit 12 weeks yesterday, and everyone has promised me that now is the time that things start slowly getting better, so here’s hoping!


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Having fun with Diptic

You may have checked out my Where I’ve Been page before, and noticed that I usually pick one or two pictures for each place I’ve been to not to overload the page (and I still need to update with lots of old photos in my old hard drive).

But sometimes it really really sucks having to pick just one picture!  And now that I finally have my iPhone with me, I’ve been of course playing around with new apps (remember when I first posted about caving and getting one, weeks after I actually ordered it online?).

One of my favorites?  Diptic!  It’s not a free app, but I’ve been loving it! 

So I’ve been using to (slowly) update my Where I’ve Been page!

Check it out!

First I had fun with wedding pictures…



Then I finally started playing with my vacation pictures…

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai!


Elephant riding in Chiang Mai!


Seoul, Korea


Busan, Korea


Bohol, Philippines


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Taipei, Taiwan


El Nido, Philippines




Any other cool picture apps I should know about?  (I have instagram and Camera+ but they haven’t been as exciting as Diptic!)

I think some of these pictures even deserve to be printed, no?


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