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Saturday in Pictures…

I tried posting this using BlogPress app on my phone, but it was a big fail.  At first, I thought it was the wifi at the resort (which sucked), but I haven’t been able to do it from home either…  (This post was originally titled “Today in Pictures” all the pictures, except for the last two, taken with the iPhone.)

Waiting for our ferry to take us to Siquijor Island (it was 2 hours late, ugh).


Finally boarding…


This doesn’t look too comfortable (and it wasn’t, luckily it was over within an hour).


We made it!


End of day in Siquijor… 


Beautiful sunsets…


Despite the travel hassle on our way there, the trip was amazing and totally worth it!  If you’re in the Philippines, I highly recommend a stop at Siquijor Island!  I’ll post more pictures about the trip, but here’s a preview of what else you get to do while there…



I also got dives number 42-47 done!  Only 3 more before I hit #50 (with only 9 months of diving under my belt!).  Diving in Siquijor wasn’t too exciting, but we went to Apo Island the second day and got some amazing drift diving done (visiting 2-3 dive spots each time since the current was so strong!). 

More to come…


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Off to Siquijor Island!

I know, we just got back from Palau, I’m not even done sharing all the pictures yet, and here we are flying out to yet another trip…

But tomorrow, we’re off to Siquijor Island! (Right here in the Philippines, so we won’t have to go far this time.)

We’re going to get some diving done (can you believe I have 41 dives under my belt since getting my certification in August?), we’ll chill at the beach, hopefully visit the local waterfalls and just relax for the weekend!

We get back on Tuesday, but I’ll make sure to post some more pictures of Palau to go up while I’m gone (since I still have a lot to share).  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend too!

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