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5 Mile Run–Check!

Saturday I woke up butt early thanks to Mai Mai who wanted to get a run in at a little after 6am.  I haven’t woken up that early for a training run since I was marathon training last year, and I was in a completely different mindset then.  This morning?  I was just not feeling it.  At all.

I managed to get out the door on time, hating Mai Mai a bit (it’s ok to say this, she knows), and off we went. 

Surprisingly, despite my overall crappiness when we started, the run felt good.  I wouldn’t go as far as to call it easy, but it was definitely the easiest run I’ve had outdoors in Manila.  It was as if all of a sudden my body remembered what it is to run and not have to take a break.  We were out there for an hour, working up a sweat in an easy run.  The weather helped, of course, since the sun never made an appearance, so it wasn’t as hot as it’s been lately.

Also, it seems that lately when I run, I like to talk about running.   You know, reminiscing about old times when I used to consider myself a runner?  “This and that race” “This marathon”  “those shoes”  “that medal”  I really really hope I didn’t bore her to death!  I’ll try to be more interesting in the future!

The good news?  I can totally run the 10k this weekend.  Will it be pretty?  Heck no!  Also, I know there’s absolutely no chance of a PR.  Heck, it might even be a personal worst!  But can I run the whole thing, even if slow, and not have to walk?  After this last run, I’m confident that’s a YES

Bring it on!


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Running on vacation!

No crap, I actually ran while we were in Cebu! 

I knew I HAD to get a 3 mile run in, and though I was again faced with a treadmill in kilometers, I still decided to suck it up and go by how I feel (even if I have no idea what my pace truly was, my guess is:  slow).

The gym was waaaay nicer than what I have in my building, with a lot more equipment, personal TV on each of the cardio equipment and a view of the resort grounds. 

Tomorrow?  Meeting up with Mai Mai again to crank up 5 miles on the streets of Makati.  Wish me luck – the 10k is already next weekend, and I’m no more ready for it today than I was when I first signed up for it a week ago.   Ooops.


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And then I signed up for a 10k…

Yes, a year ago signing up for a 10k wouldn’t even make me blink.  I mean, that was even less than my usual short run, right?  Heck, I used to run 20 miles for torture fun!

These days?  A 10k is a big deal.  Specially since my current 10k PR was achieved last November, while running with the flu, and sadly I know there’s no way in hell I can get even close to that time nowadays, specially after achieving a personal worst at the one race I ran in Manila. 

The last time I ran a distance above a 5 miler?  It was during the first weekend of April, at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  And since arriving in Manila, I only ran a distance above a 5k once.

The kicker?  The race is in 2.5 weeks, so not necessarily enough time to get back to a proper mileage either, but if I don’t just go for it, I’ll never go for it, you know?

It all started when I got a call asking if I can be the Embassy liaison for the local Avon race to fight breast cancer…


Of course, I promptly said yes.

Then, I spoke to Mai Mai (my new running buddy!) and she was in for the 10k as well. 

So I signed up.  Today I even walked to the Avon headquarters and came home with my race packet and posters to put at the Embassy.

I hope I can get a good crowd together, and even though most people are leaning towards the walk now, it’s all for a good cause, regardless how you get there.

Plus, the race shirt is pretty cute…


Wish me luck.  Let’s hope I’m not the last one to cross the finish line…


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The Totals…

My Garmin started beeping over the weekend that it was full.  After a little over a year of friendship and support, it forced me to purge some of the information I love gazing at.

Of course, we had our disappointments.  All the times it didn’t get a signal until midway through my run, the times it unexpectedly ran out of battery within seconds into a run, or even the couple of times I made it out of the house without it.

But, as I was pressing the “delete all” button, I couldn’t help but smile at all the information it did register.

Since mid-March of last year, despite the hiccups mentioned above and all my breaks from running due to injury after injury, the Garmin still managed to track 512 miles worth of sweaty runs.  That added up to a total of 104 hours putting one foot in front of the other, and over 64,000 calories burned.

There’s a reason I can’t go out for a run without it, and why when it’s acting iffy it ruins a perfectly good run:  stats like these make me smile.  It’s good to know all the effort you put in.

And on those days I’m struggling to run 5 miles, I have to remind myself that those 5 miles are nothing on the grand scheme of things.

I can’t wait to see next year’s stats.  Here’s to a 2010 free of injuries!


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