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Couch to 10k

So you haven’t heard much about exercising in these parts lately…  I was gone for 2 weeks on vacation, went to the gym once when I got back, and two days later I was sick, with a full on fever right after that.  So that was another 1.5 weeks wasted.  But last Monday, I went back to the gym! 

On Friday, I woke up super sore.  As in “I don’t want to get out of bed, it hurts so much” sore.  So I skipped Friday’s Muay Thai class, for the first time due to soreness.  But it was bad enough I knew I wouldn’t have a good workout, and I might even injure myself trying to avoid the sore muscles on my arms and back.

In between all the cool photo apps I downloaded to my phone, I also downloaded a “couch to 10k” app (the most expensive app I’ve got so far, $2.99 – UGH!).  Part of me dreaded admitting that I am in that bad of running shape, but another part of me was excited in trying to do something about.


Excited, sure, but also scared as hell.  Because I haven’t run anything aside from my Muay Thai warm up (10-15 minutes run) since early December.  I haven’t even been able to run the whole 10 minutes this week, having to walk a lot, which was even more humbling (the flu could be partially to blame for this though, but still).

So back to the app…  Basically you start the music in your iphone, then start the Couch to 10k app, and you’re done.  Just follow the “Start running” “Walk” “Cool Down” “Your workout is finished” prompts, all while listening to your own music.

I need to get back to running, and 5k doesn’t cut it – I know I can pull that off, even if slowly and painfully.  But managing to get to a 10k on the treadmill will definitely be an accomplishment!  (I think my highest mileage on the treadmill ever so far was 4 miles?)

The app’s only requirement is that you are fit enough to walk 30 minutes.  So of course, I’m in much better shape than that!  But instead of skipping weeks, I had another idea:  have you seen how SLOW I’ve been running lately? 

Since the first few times you do 1 minute runs alternating with 1.5 minute walks, I can DEFINITELY pick up the pace for each one minute segment.  So I decided to set the treadmill at a 6.5 and do that.  After 3 sets, I changed it to 7 (8:34 pace), which was more challenging, but still not “OMG I’m dying” (it’s only a minute after all!).

Sure, the first time you only do 6 sets.  But I didn’t like how it told me to cool down for 5 minutes, right after I had already walked for 1.5, so I added an extra minute of running (and cut the cool down to 4 minutes instead).

The next couple of runs, I’ll do 8 sets, and slowly after that each running interval increases.  It’ll take 14 weeks for me to reach that 10k distance (that puts me right into MAY, argh!), but nothing like not doing too much too soon to attempt to get back into running shape without being too overwhelming.  And sure, I know that once the intervals start getting longer, I won’t be able to keep up the 8:34 pace, but hopefully I will be able to at least maintain a 10 minute mile.

Anyone else has tried any similar apps?  Have you had any success with it?  I figured as long as I keep up with it, it should work!  And yes, I’m writing it here to keep me accountable.  And I won’t get to run more marathons, if I can’t at least manage the first 6.2 before battling the other 20 miles, no?


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Easy 3

After not running for 2 weeks (blame it on the El Nido vacation, the lack of sleep after I got back due to Lily not doing very well, and pure laziness, I admit), I finally hopped back on the treadmill.  I was scared, of course.  It’s been a while…

But turns out that I did 3 miles, non-stop, at 0.5% incline and a 5.1 speed that I was even able to speed up a bit towards the end, and aside from the usual treadmill boredom, I finished feeling I could go longer (but I didn’t, since I want to get back at it taking it easy, instead of hurting myself).  It’s nice to have an ego-boosting run, specially when it’s been so long since my last run!  I didn’t want to push it on my first day back, so this felt great!


I also tested it my super-cute brand new Saucony Kinvara shoes (that I bought it at a great deal at Shoebuy Private Events – they don’t always have running stuff, but every other week something athletic shows up, worth checking out, specially since it’s not limited to just shoes!). 

I scored them for 45 bucks (they cost between $72-90 at Zappos, so this was an awesome deal!), and figured if I didn’t like them for running, they’d be great travel shoes (so pretty!).


They have a smaller heel to toe drop, encouraging a more midfoot/forefoot strike – I totally need to video myself running to see if it made a difference (my calves are killing me today, so I think it did).


The only problem I had was that they don’t come in wide sizes, and my feet are super super wide, so I have to limit them for shorter runs (don’t laugh, I do plan of having long runs again!  But yeah, right now shorter runs = all runs).  I could see them getting super tight if I tried to do double digits with them though.


But aside from that, my feet felt great, and no pain today, aside from the sore calves.

Have I mentioned I’m off to a Muay Thai class in a few minutes?  This should be interesting…

Oh, and do you think I got red after my run?  Yikes!  (Compare the color of my neck to the face.  Seriously, what is that?)



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And not all runs will be easy runs…

And that’s ok.

But it’s a hard lesson to learn, no?

After getting so excited about an easy 3 miler (an accomplishment around these parts lately), yesterday I hesitated hopping on the treadmill.  Part of me was scared that it wouldn’t be easy again.  Plus my left hip has been bugging me since yesterday’s run (for those of you counting, that’s a new pain – my right hip is the one I had problems with this year).

Eventually I sucked it up and got started.  And I was right, it wasn’t easy.  Not only it was hard, but I started having odd pains on my foot.  My left foot, that battles plantar fasciitis on and off (if only I kept up with the PT and stretching, no?) was not cooperating.  Not PF this time, but shooting pain up the foot.  WTF!  (But maybe it’s bruised from the 4 massages I had in one week period?  Highly likely.)

So after a mile I figured there’s no point injuring myself.   I’m so paranoid about injuries that I rather take it easy than push it through.

I changed the pace to a brisk walk instead, and the pain went away, I still ran a bit here and there once it stopped hurting, but I had already lost my running mojo.  I finished with a barefoot half-mile walk with a little bit of running thrown in there, completing a 5k with a 12:47 pace at the end.  Slow?  YES!!!  But slow is better than nothing.  And though I still see walking as defeat, it’s still better than sitting my ass on the couch.

Hard runs are confidence killers, but I have to remind myself that even after amazing double digit runs on weekends when I was training for marathons last year, sometimes I would have a crappy 3 mile run home from work and had to walk most of it.  So just because I had a bad run, doesn’t mean it’s all lost.

Tomorrow I’ll try again.


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And that was EASY


It’s been a while since I hopped on the treadmill and had an easy run.  Specially since coming back from Korea, where I got a nasty cold, I hadn’t done much in terms of running. 

Yes, I did try a few times last week, but was succumbed to walking after the first mile, and though I still managed to do a good 2-mile run out of the 3 total miles, it was not pretty.  NOT pretty.

Today, I hopped on, hoping to run the whole thing, but already used to the idea that I’m in even worse shape than I was a month ago.  I set the incline to 0.5 (my other runs I had put it at 1%, which could be the reason for me failing badly), and set the speed at a super-easy 5.1 (11:43 pace or so). 

My plan was to leave this run still knowing I could have done more.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t even sprint at the end (I usually do some 7:30 pace sprints so I can finish faster, but they also leave me completely dead at the end).

Last week, I started all the runs ambitious with an 11 min/mile pace, then by the time I reduced it to a 12 min/mile, no incline, it was already too late.  (I refuse to run below a 12 min/mile on the treadmill – I don’t want to be slower than my slowest pace ever!)  It’s hard to admit that I’m back in no-running shape again, but I can either beat myself over it, or move on and keep on running. 

Surprisingly, with the music pumping in my ears I had a good enjoyable run (yes, the treadmill is growing on me, who would’ve thought?).  It can even be called a *gasp* easy run.

Yes, I was still bored out of my mind by the time the 3 mile mark was approaching.  But I could have kept going.  I stopped at 3 – not only I had plans with a friend, but I also wanted it to stop while it was still good (you know, like Seinfeld). 

I wanted to remember this “feel good” moment so that tomorrow, I will jump right back up again! 

And I’m already looking forward to it…


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