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Palau: The Beaches!

I have posted the boat rides, the super-cool pictures of the jellyfish lake, and I’ll be posting a ton of diving pictures later.  But Palau also has amazing beaches!  And when you dive 5 days in a row from a boat, you stop to eat your bento box lunch at some pretty spectacular places…  (Again, apologies for the drops of water on the lens of some of the pictures.)


If I remember it correctly, the beach below is Ulong Beach, where one of the Survivors was filmed.


As you can see in the picture below, I was too lazy to remove my wetsuit most of the time…  It’s no wonder I came home with a burnt back and face, but non-tanned legs.  But putting on a wetsuit is a pain!


The folks with spent most of our days with on our dives!


And lastly our hotel beach.  It’s a little small man-made beach that I never actually got to use (we were so pooped when we got back at the end of the day that we would go straight to the shower), but the last day I walked on the sand, and it was very soft fluffy sand, not bad!  If United hadn’t screwed up our travel, we would have enjoyed the beach on the first day of our trip.  (We stayed at the Palau Royal Resort, I’ll post a full review later.  I still owe so many travel reviews…)



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Diving Day 2: Favorites!

Seriously, we saw some pretty cool things on the second day of diving, and though they’re not necessarily the best pictures, they are definitely the coolest animals!

Starting with…  A ghost pipefish! (You can click to enlarge the first picture.)  Can you believe this thing is real?  How cool is that?  (Pipefish are in the same family as seahorses, so though I haven’t been lucky enough to see a seahorse, I’ve seen a few pipefish and they’re totally cool!)



Then a school of bumphead parrotfish passed by.  They are not small fish, and were all scavenging for food.



And then, a school of yellow snapper!  So pretty!





And another pipefish!  Couldn’t figure out what type this is, so if anyone knows, please help!



To my friend’s Liz’s delight, we then saw a mantis shrimp.  I had never heard of them, and it was totally cool.  The eyes moving around were so weird!  (You can click to enlarge.)


And then we saw an old turtle, “the grandfather” as our divemaster called it.  The picture does not do it justice, it was the size of a smart car.



And lastly, an eel!


I’m totally looking forward to diving again – hope we don’t have to wait until April for our Palau trip, and can get some dives in before then!


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