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Quick update from Guam!

Citizenship test went fine (I was worried for no reason, super easy!), and as of tomorrow, 12:30pm, I will be an US Citizen!

Bad sucky news:  no one told me it rained so much in Guam!!!  So no beaches for us yet.  It’s also much cooler here than in Manila, specially with the rain (I wish I had a sweater!).

Also, k-mart wasn’t as exciting as I expected:  no crystal cat litter, no canned pumpkin, not much xmas decoration, but we did some damage on our bank account nonetheless.  Yesterday we were eating sharp cheddar cheese slices in the car, and it hurt my tongue – hurt SO good, that is!

Awesome news?  I got to see my friend Margaret, that I missed so much since we left in April, and she had exciting news of her own!  We caught up drinking margaritas and eating Brazilian BBQ.  Yum!

Fingers crossed for sunny days from now on!  The more it rains the more we shopped out of lack of things to do…


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