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Guess who’s coming to visit?

I haven’t blogged about this yet, because I keep getting sidetracked with things like trips and diving (and yes, I still have more pictures to share from Siquijor, I promise I’ll get to it!  Maybe while I’m at it, I’ll also share those pictures from Coron, from September that I never posted, yikes).

But in just 2.5 weeks, the awesome Tracy will be stepping foot in Manila!

Of course, she’s arriving right as we are leaving for Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, so she’s taking a side trip to Seoul to visit another friend, and gets back in town a day after we do. 

Our guest room is ready for her arrival (Tracy, did I tell you there’s a mini fridge ready for use?  Because there is!)


(Ah, don’t you love grandma style embassy furniture?  In Rio we won’t even be able to bring our own things, so our place will be super-outdated…)

So Tracy is not much of a beach person, so not sure where we can go around the area.  I know there’s the fun of shopping in Greenhills and Divisoria, we can stop and look at Intramuros (but that takes half an hour, tops), we can go off to Corregidor, and a day trip to Tagaytay is definitely in the agenda (specially since I was sick when my parents went).  I’m hoping she likes massages, so she can get super-pampered.  Aside from that, I’m running out of ideas!  If anyone can think of something, send it my way!

I was hoping to do the Mt Pinatubo trek, but seeing as rainy season joined us early this year (already?  WTF!), unless there’s a change of weather, that might not work out.  If anyone can think of fun things to do here, send it my way!  Maybe it’s time to revisit the fireworks at the boardwalk of Mall of Asia…

Have I mentioned that I met Tracy through blogging?  We met for the first time when we ran the first have of the Chicago Marathon together, I visited her in NYC right before moving to Manila, and now she’s taking a super long flight to visit me in the Philippines!  (And yes, she is also one of those who counts the number of countries she’s been to, so you bet she’ll be visiting me again in Rio!)


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