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Went to visit my wedding page today, only to encounter a page full of blank spaces…

Turns out, for ages I linked my FB pictures to the blog (I stopped doing that about a year or so ago, I think), and now all those links are dead, thanks to FB’s new design.

Soooo…  All those pretty engagement and wedding pictures that I spent hours choosing to share?  GONE.

I’ll have to sit down and upload each pic next week, so if you read from a reader and start getting an influx of wedding posts, now you know what happened…  This is a bummer.

Between this, and finding out one of my favorite restaurants in DC closed down (Mie N Yu – I was so looking forward to a dinner there last year), today has been less than exciting. 

In other news, in a few minutes I head off for my anatomy scan (20 weeks, a.k.a. halfway pregnant now!), and let’s hope there’s only good stuff my way!  At least I have a prenatal massage scheduled this evening.  That should definitely start the weekend in the right foot!


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Having fun with Diptic

You may have checked out my Where I’ve Been page before, and noticed that I usually pick one or two pictures for each place I’ve been to not to overload the page (and I still need to update with lots of old photos in my old hard drive).

But sometimes it really really sucks having to pick just one picture!  And now that I finally have my iPhone with me, I’ve been of course playing around with new apps (remember when I first posted about caving and getting one, weeks after I actually ordered it online?).

One of my favorites?  Diptic!  It’s not a free app, but I’ve been loving it! 

So I’ve been using to (slowly) update my Where I’ve Been page!

Check it out!

First I had fun with wedding pictures…



Then I finally started playing with my vacation pictures…

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai!


Elephant riding in Chiang Mai!


Seoul, Korea


Busan, Korea


Bohol, Philippines


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Taipei, Taiwan


El Nido, Philippines




Any other cool picture apps I should know about?  (I have instagram and Camera+ but they haven’t been as exciting as Diptic!)

I think some of these pictures even deserve to be printed, no?


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Vote for my picture!

Sure, sure, here I am posting asking for votes.  I don’t actually get anything for it, but my amazing photographers do (and they really are amazing, check out my wedding tab for some of the pictures).

They now have two of my pictures on the contest (all you have to do is click on this link, put your email, validate it and vote, it takes like 2 minutes, no need to set up account, is just validating your email to make sure you’re not just faking it to give extra votes).

Anyway, click on this link to vote for this picture: 

And this link to vote for this picture: 

And if you vote, thank you thank you thank you!  They need a couple of hundred votes if they want to win it (and we only have a couple of dozen now…)  I think the contest closes today.


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One Year Ago Today…

…I was in Rio with our family and friends marrying the most amazing man I’ve ever met.

Though I wish today we could have gathered back all our friends and family to celebrate the one year mark in Rio (how cool would that be?), we instead celebrated with a wonderful champagne brunch at the Sofitel hotel in Manila.

Since our wedding Karl has changed jobs, I quit my job, we adopted a puppy, moved across the world, visited 6 countries/territories and picked up a new hobby (scuba diving!).  Can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!  (A little preview:  I’ll be getting my US Citizenship in just a couple of weeks, we already have trips to Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Palau booked, and we’ll find out where we will move to next.)

Happy Anniversary, Karl!  Here’s to many many many more!


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