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Wedding Talk: Rings!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for my wedding band to get here.  Karl bought it online, and it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery, and even though we still have 6 months until the wedding, I want it here NOW.

We went ring shopping a few times, and I had a really hard time deciding not only what would look good with my engagement ring without overpowering it, but what would also look good by itself since I can’t wear my engagement ring everywhere (definitely not in Brazil…).

Karl’s ring was a much simpler process (ah, to be a guy…).  At first, Karl also wanted a platinum band, but he also wanted something shiny.  I explained to him that platinum scratches easily and eventually it will be matte.  He then started considering Tungsten rings, which yay for me, it’s a LOT cheaper than platinum ones (so I’m saving a good grand on his ring).

We did a bit of research, and settled on buying it from Titanium Kay, since the site has great reviews and spectacular prices.

After picking two styles, choosing which we liked best after receiving them in the mail, and returning one for a refund and one for engraving, we received the final ring at home.

Of course, I took pictures!   I engraved it with You’re My Dream Come True – C&K 11/27/10 (our wedding date)

I can’t recommend Titanium Kay enough — the ring prices were great (his ring was less than $100, including engraving!), and the quality and service was well beyond my expectations.  From the time we first ordered to the time he had the final engraved ring back was at most 2 weeks.

The bad part?  There’s still 6 months until he could wear that for good.  I loved seeing him with a ring on his finger.  Who knew a ring could make a guy so ridiculously attractive?


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Wedding Talk: Save the Date

While I first started thinking of sending out “Save the Dates” I was sure I wanted to send one of those magnet ones.  I had received them before, and loved them!

Of course, the sticker shock brought me back to reality — well over a hundred bucks for fifty?  WTF?  But Save the Dates were not an option for us, seeing that anyone coming to a wedding in Rio would need plenty of notice to book their trips.

So I started looking around for options, and found this website:  http://www.overnightprints.com — it has nothing to do with weddings, but it turned out to be perfect — and incredibly cheap.

At first, I ordered 50 of them, which came out to less than twenty bucks, and I figured I could afford to lose that $20 if I didn’t like them.

The more I thought about having a postcard as a Save the Date the more I realized how really perfect it is.  For most people coming, this will be a destination wedding.  Why not send a postcard with all the sights they will get to see and visit on their trip?  I collected the pictures of Rio that we took on our trip there in January, and was good to go!

A week later, I got them on the mail, and was giddy with excitement opening the envelope:  they came out PERFECT.  The quality is spectacular (I got the glossy ones), the colors pop out of the card.  And for some odd reason, I got 65 of them, instead of only 50 (score!).

And those who are invited to the wedding got greeted with this baby in their mailbox (last names and wedding website scratched off for this post — the card itself has the whole info, of course):

(Please excuse the glare from the flash — and what looks like uneven outside borders, is just me taking a bad picture.)

And at the end, my hesitation to spend boatloads of money on magnets worked well:  these cards are much in sync with the travel theme of our wedding!  And hopefully it did the job enticing people to come!


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Wedding Talk: More engagement pictures!

I had shared some of our engagement pictures before, but now I have a few more to share with you guys!

In front of the Lincoln Memorial -- check out our shadow on the right!

At the World War II Memorial

At the Tidal Basin, with the Cherry Blossoms on the background

In Old Town Alexandria, in front of the Torpedo Factory

Old Town

Yes, you can almost see up my dress...

We were tired and acting stupid by this point.

Karl is giving bedroom eyes to the camera...

I love how they turned out!  Karl really didn’t want to take any pictures, but since my friend was taking them for us, he ended up going for it.  Now he’s happy we did it!

Now which one to print?  Hard to choose!


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Wedding Talk: The Party

I have never been one of those girls that dreamed of their wedding day, or the dress, or the ring.  I always wondered about the guy, but never about the event.

I have said many times “why spend so much money on a dress you’ll only wear once?” and was even tempted to buy one on sale online for $200, sight unseen.  (We all know how I feel about a wedding dress now…)

The party was another thing that shocked me.  “Why would people spend SO much money in a freaking party?  It’s just a party!!  A wedding does not make a marriage!” (Can you see where this is going?)

I had a dream of spending a couple of grand, going over to the Caribbean, and having a ceremony barefoot on the beach.  When I found THE guy, Karl, he nixed that idea right away “that’s a celebrity wedding!  Real weddings are in church!”  (Should I note that he hasn’t been in church in years, and we’re not even the same religion?)

My parents, also shared his view.

And this is when planning for a Catholic church wedding started (I’m the Catholic one, as is most of Brazilians, even if I also haven’t been in church, save for weddings, in years).  My parents were set in paying for everything (score — I know!!!), specially since they didn’t spend a cent on my brother’s wedding last year.  I told them many times, “a wedding is just a party, don’t spend too much money!”

They didn’t listen.  They’re spending way more than I could have ever imagined.  Now, that I am obsessed with bridal blogs and magazines, and spend half my day at work procrastinating on Wedding Bee I know a lot more about weddings.  I’m glad they’re spending the money.  Sure, we could put a down payment on a house with that money, but it’s not like whatever they save would be hours anyway.  Plus, it’s amazing that they’re doing this for me.

I have also come to realize that a wedding is not in fact just a party.  It’s an EVENT.  A (knock on wood) once in a lifetime event.  It’s also not about me, or even about Karl, but about our family and friends.  And I’m freaking excited to have them all there to share the day with me.  In Rio, nonetheless.

And the church wedding that I thought was so stuffy for me?  Now makes me excited.  My parents chose a church in downtown Rio.  Not any church, but a small historic church built in 1750.  A church that when Rio once was attacked, a cannon ball went inside the church, and landed on the foot of a marble statue of Mary.  The cannonball is still there, untouched, unexploded.  How cool is that?

And imagine the pictures we’re getting at this place:

Our reception venue, picked because of its closeness to the church, is also beautiful, in a historic building, with an indoor/outdoor seating area (which closes off with a glass ceiling in case of rain):

Now I am super excited about the event, the party, and the opportunity to share such a fun day with everyone.

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want a wedding in DC — my parents and brother could have probably made it, but not the rest of my family, but I wanted them all there.

Now it’s in Rio, and it’ll be spectacular, but many of my friends from DC can’t make it, because it’s not a cheap trip.  It breaks my heart.  I truly want everyone there because I know they’ll have SUCH a good time too, not just at the wedding, but in Rio, it’s a great city.  If only I had the money to tell them “no worries, I’ll pay for your flight and hotel.”  Because if I had it, I would.  Just so that everyone could share the day with me.


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