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09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There

Every year I link to these posts, apologies for those of you who have read this since the first year.  But, even though it’s been over 10 years, it has shaped me, and it will always be remembered.

So this is my story:

09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There:  Part 1

09/11/01 – WTC – I Was There:  Part 2


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I remember…

I have heard people saying that we should move on, get over it, it’s been years already…  But some of us experienced it first hand, and how can you forget the worst day of your life?

I choose not to describe it again, I don’t like going to that dark place, the one I found out still existed within me at an earlier scare this year (that thankfully turned out to be nothing), but last year at this time I posted my experience.

You can read it here:

09/11/01 – WTC – I was there

09/11/01 – WTC – I was there (Part II)


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