I used to have my pictures linked from facebook, until they changed everything and they all disappeared from my blog!  I’ll upload the pictures here again, just give me some time, it might take me a while…

Since I have told many details about our wedding in Rio de Janeiro, here are all the links to the individual wedding posts!

First, our wedding video!

Our proposal story

Our gorgeous engagement pictures in DC, taken by my friend Nikki, here and here

How I bought the first dress but had doubts…

Then caved and bought a dress I truly loved…

But I never had any doubts on the shoes!

And how I finally understood that a wedding is not just a party.

Our post cards save the date.

Karl’s ring….

And my rings

Why I didn’t have a bachelorette party

Deciding on the colors for the wedding (who knew everyone cared so much about colors?)

Our bilingual invitations

Our alternative guest book!

Pictures from our reception location (stolen from a different wedding!)

My dress arrived!

Our guest book platter arrived!

My super cute bridal shower.

All the cute wedding details

And the personalized hanger!

Where I get personal and talk about the man I’m about to marry…

In Rio, during wedding countdown week, and finally got my hair trial done!


On our way back to DC

The wedding recaps started!

The week before the wedding

STRESSED!  Or the day before the wedding

And the HAPPY: Day of the wedding

And it was time to put on my dress…

Picture time!


Ceremony: Part 2

The details…

Cocktail Hour!

Formal Pictures…

The BIG entrance (and our first dance!)

The Party: Let’s SAMBA (yep, we had a live samba band!)

And the party continues…

And the party goes on…

The day after

Honeymoon in Maragogi  We stayed at the all-inclusive Salinas do Maragogi, a resort in the north of Brazil, and it was incredible!

We took a day trip to Praia dos Carneiros

We went on walks on the beach, snorkling and on nature walks…

And we explored the beaches around us…

14 responses to “Wedding

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  2. Pam

    THIS. IS. AWESOME! I just found you through Zaneta’s blog. Your pictures are unbelieveably beautiful!

    And the shoes. OMG. The shoes.

  3. Samira

    Oi Carla! First I found your post on weddingbee . com and found out you wore the same dress I’m going to wear, than I took a look at the pictures you mention there and found out you are also from Brazil (I’m from SP, but mommy is from Praia do Flamengo, love it!) then I saw we actually live very close (DC area) and that you also had bilingual invitations, so I decided to just write to you and say how much I loved your wedding pictures and how they made me fell sure about my dress pick. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Oi Samira! Small world! But as of last week, we just moved to the Philippines, so I’m no longer in DC…

      When is your wedding? And I still LOVE the dress!

      • Samira

        After I wrote you I realized you guys were moving to Manila. I have a friend who decided to take some months off from work and moved there, he said everything was much cheaper, I loved the idea of spending hours at a spa… rs

        The wedding is going to be in October probably, right now we’re waiting for a fiance VISA to go through, so I just landed in Brazil this morning. At least I have the dress. rs Can’t wait for it to come, they said Sept, did you need any alterations on your? I’m kinda tall (1.72) and ordered a size 10, hopefully I’ll be able to wear heels, yours looked amazing!

        • Mine was a size 10, and I wore 4″ heels (I’m 1.66cm). I needed no alterations on the body (but the lace was as tight as it would go without taking it in), but I did need to have it hemmed. So you’ll be fine with your height!

  4. Starla

    I was on wedding bee and I saw your link. I’m wearing the Karena Royale dress in Sept and i havent seen it since Feb and it comes in June. I forgot what it looked liked and was starting to get nervous. After seeing your pictures I’m so excited. The dress looks awesome and I also really like your veil. Thanks for posting

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